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Motion Detection & Alerting

Safety, security, theft prevention and peace of mind are all reasons why you have purchased your IP camera. Don’t waste your money and time, and have your investment sit there un-utilized or unused. With Mangocam receive immediately an email or SMS when motion is detected. Also save money, disk space and time spent reviewing footage by using our motion detection only recording feature. False alerts are minimized as we have added in brightness and contrast normalization and motion detection masking for areas of high traffic. And importantly we have built in very handy alerts for when your camera is offline due to network, ISP or camera issues, so you can fix the problem and be back recording in no time.

  • Motion detection alerting
  • Email alerting
  • SMS alerting
  • Motion detection masking
  • No loss of data during hardware failures
  • Camera offline alerts
  • Brightness and contrast normalization
  • Prevent recording failures and outages and make sure your cameras are online at all times
  • If your camera is unavailable - due to issues at your end, such as local network / ISP / or camera outages - Mangocam can notify you immediately
  • Reduce false motion alerts by excluding certain areas from detection (examples are roads / the sky / areas where people or animals walk through)
  • Receive notifications immediately when something happens
  • Email and/or SMS alerting is available - emails include links to images of the event
  • Unlimited recipients for emails or SMS’s which is great in a home or retail situation as multiple people can be kept in the loop
  • Fantastic to decrease the amount of time required to view events - as you can set to motion event recording only
  • When recording motion events only - this will also greatly decrease your disk space requirements
  • Alert emails include 5 links to images of the motion event - which can help you determine if it is a false alarm or requires the authorities

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