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Bank Grade Security Protects Your Video

We understand that your video content needs to be secure, that's why we've built bank grade security into our service. Your video is protected by our firewalls and all traffic between our servers is fully encrypted. All data is stored on at least two independent storage devices for maximum security in multiple data centers located across the globe.

  • Highly available and resilient hosting platform ensures secure and reliable video storage
  • Bank grade security ensures the highest level of data protection via SSL encryption, redundant hard disks, traffic encryption via VPN / IPSec between servers, state of the art firewalls and intrusion detection software
  • Recorded video can't be accidentally or maliciously deleted, as it is stored offsite in the cloud on multiple hard drives
  • No maintenance windows - our service runs on clustered servers which can be taken offline to perform upgrades, repairs or patching without any downtime or outage to our service
  • Servers are located world wide across multiple data centers

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