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Identify Thieves, Deter Theft & Be Safe

Nothing could be more important than your safety and security, so with this in mind we designed Mangocam. Theft and break and enters are unfortunately a reality. Should the unthinkable happen, take control and identify thieves and access the situation from a position of safety while viewing live or remote footage on your phone or browser. Receive motion detection and camera offline alerts. And importantly be able to provide evidence to the authorities, as your video is safe in the cloud so it can't be stolen along with your other goods.

  • Thieves will not be able to steal your computer / hard disk / recording device along with your goods as it is not located on site - it will be stored in the cloud
  • If the unthinkable should happen, be able to download and produce video evidence for the authorities
  • Get alerted to the event through motion detection alerting and access the situation via mobile app or browser from a position of safety
  • Being able to remotely view what has occurred in an alert situation could potentially save your life or the lives of others

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