System Status

Mangocam operates clusters of servers in many different data centers across the globe to increase service availability and lower network latency to your cameras. In order to provide continuity of service and availability, cameras are automatically rerouted to servers in a different data center in case of power or network connectivity issues.

Data Center Location Today 12 Jul 11 Jul 10 Jul 09 Jul 08 Jul 07 Jul
US DC1 (Missouri)
US DC2 (Pennsylvania)
US DC3 (Maryland)
US DC4 (Ohio)
US DC5 (New York)
Canada DC1 (Quebec)
Europe DC1 (Germany)
Europe DC2 (Belgium)
Australia DC1 (Sydney)

Service Availability

Our service utilizes different technologies to increase availability, including replication, local failover, decentralized design and automated disaster recovery processes. Below is the overall availability of in percent for the last year measured on a monthly basis. For reference, four nines (99.99%) of availability represent 4.5 minutes of service unavailability for a given month.

Popular Camera Brands

Below are the most popular camera brands currently used with Mangocam. A complete list of supported cameras is available here. If your camera is not listed, please let us know.

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