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Alarm Call Outs

Stock and possessions can be replaced people cannot. Record and / or watch in real time safely. Set email or SMS alerts for motion detection and if need be video evidence will be available for download. When the security company calls in the middle of the night make sure it is not a false alert or a situation requiring the authorities.

Theft Deterrent

Increase your security and safety levels. Visible cameras deter thieves and vandals who do not wish to have their identity exposed. Let them know you are recording and prevent loss.

Put a Stop to Shop Lifting

When attentive staff and security tags are not enough. Shoplifting costs the industry billions and adding a camera recording system is proven to be the biggest deterrent in waging the war against loss prevention. Let people know you are recording and place cameras in identified trouble areas. Constant recording and being able to pinpoint times easily in your footage allows for quick access to event for download for the authorities. Watch live remotely and alert front of house staff to potential issues.

Identify Thieves

Recorded video evidence allows for the unbiased identification of perpetrators and determines time and circumstances surrounding the incident.

Adequate Staffing Levels

Irrelevant of the size of your business – customer service can always be improved. Whether it is as simple as making sure that clients are not waiting to be served by setting motion alerting via SMS or email. Or identifying the need to increase staffing levels to deter walk outs or rationalizing your overstaffing. Changes such as these can be more easily made through the unbiased footage you will be able to download and access.


Possessions can be replaced, people can't. Unfortunately theft and accidents do happen, be safe and access the situation from the safety of your mobile device or remote browser and alert the authorities and download the evidence.

Insurance Claims

Provide legal and irrefutable proof of any incident for insurance purposes. Your recordings will allow for real time capture of any incident, the surrounding circumstances pre and post and the identification of any parties involved. Insurance premiums are lowered when a recording system is in use and this also acts as a deterrent to potential frivolous lawsuits and insurance claims.

Staff Performance on Shift

Unbiased footage will allow you to accurately assess staffing requirements. Set your business to succeed through informed data opportunities. Adherence to policies and SOP's are easily accessed. As are areas for training, shortfall or praise.

Bottle Necks

Access what they are: staffing, procedural or personnel. Adequate staffing levels at the right times, procedural tasks that work and the right and correctly trained staff can make or break a business. Review how your operation performs via unbiased video footage and then enhance your customer's positive experiences and increase your profits.

Flow and Purchase Patterns

Increase sales by managing your customer's experiences. Encourage buying habits through unbiased video assessment of: when, how, what, how much, by who etc. and what complimentary products were purchased. Check your floor space and product placement are optimal allowing for increased customer purchase satisfaction.

Occupational Safety and Health

Without employees you do not have a business. Their safety and health as well as yours in the workplace is paramount. Prevention is always best practice, however training and vigilant staff cannot always pick up on all that happens. Watch in real time and review footage in trouble areas and make changes before an incident occurs.

Staff Training

Unbiased footage will allow you to accurately access staffing shortfalls or areas for praise. Set your business to succeed through informed data opportunities such as the ability to review real time recordings of your staff on the job. Adherence to policies and SOP's are easily accessed.

Peace of Mind

If you can't be there in person you can have something even better - indisputable video proof. Watch safely anytime or anywhere. Set email or SMS alerts for motion detection and if required video evidence will be available for download.

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