What Happens When You Are Not There?

Watch from anywhere via App or browser. See who has been sleeping in your bed or couch. Set timed or a continuous recording schedule and email or SMS alerts for motion detection and if need be video evidence will be available for download. Motion detection masking is fantastic for high traffic areas so motion detection alerts are not triggered by normal behaviour such as going to a bowl for a drink etc.

Post-Surgery or Aging Pets

Veterinary surgeries use Mangocam, especially in post op surveillance and kennelling and we have many clients who purchase plans to look after their loved ones post surgery and in their latter years. You can't always plan for life and again nothing is better than you being there – but if you can't be then rest assured or know when you are needed with Mangocam recording. Watch live, review recordings and set motion event and alerting and be able to check anywhere, anytime via App or browser.

Peace of Mind

You can't always be there in person, however this is the next best thing. Watch anytime from anywhere. Set email or SMS alerts for motion detection and also masks for areasof traffic. See what they are up to when you are not there – and if required video evidence will be available for download of any capers. As will photo evidence as attached to your email notification as set.

Toileting Issues

Sometimes they are cute and sometimes they are darn naughty. We can help you nip this problem in the bud by providing evidence when you are not there and help to identify the issues and surrounding circumstances and most importantly places for clean-up. Record / view live / set motion events and get alerted via SMS or email.

Dog or Cat Sitter

If you can't be there – keep an eye on the situation via motion detection alerting and recordings. Did they turn up / turn up when they said / work till when they said and charged for? Did they treat your pet, house and belongings with respect? Increase safety and security on site, as well as deterring bad behaviour, theft, frivolous law suits and insurance claims.


Sometimes they are naughty and it becomes an Issue. Learn what behaviour needs to be modified through your unbiased recordings as you love them and sometimes it is easy to turn a blind eye. Then be able to see if your training sticks or needs some more work. Download / set motion alerts / watch live.


Pets bring happiness, they are cute, fun and part of the family and a big plus is they can't answer back - who would not love them? Simply miss them or have had a bad day at work? Then have a quick peek on the action and feel instantly connected. Recordings and snapshots are downloadable to keep and also to share.

Embedding and Sharing

This is great from a fun aspect however also works well for breeders who want to include links to new litters etc. You can have a separate export page for each camera, leave each camera open for world wide access, or share with a select group with password protection. The choice is yours. The live video stream can also be embedded in your web page.

Theft Deterrent

Increase the security of your pets and your home. Visible cameras deter vandals who do not wish to have their identity exposed.

Identify Thieves

Video evidence allows for identification of perpetrators and determines time and circumstances surrounding the incident.

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